GWM CyberP!ckup Is A 6x6 Monstrosity Just Begging For A Trademark Lawsuit

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The concept is destined for production, and may spawn pure electric and hydrogen versions.

Great Wall Motors (GWM) has unveiled a six-wheeler concept truck that makes the GMC Hummer EV Pickup look normal. The oddly-named CyberP!ckup 6x6 was co-developed by GWM and Chaojing Motors, another Chinese manufacturer. Based on the little-known Shanhai Cannon, this monstrous pickup is able to crush any terrain with six 18-inch wheels wrapped up in Cooper Discoverer AT3 off-road rubber.

The addition of a third axle has transformed what was once an underwhelming truck into a seriously menacing machine. Underneath, you'll find strengthened off-road suspension, along with nitrogen shock absorbers and five electronic differential locks.

While a torque-rich V8 powertrain would be fitting, the CyberP!ckup 6x6 is fitted with a thoroughly modern plug-in hybrid setup. Paired with an electric motor, the twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 produces 510 horsepower and 552 lb-ft of torque. According to GWM, the six-wheeler can travel 31 miles on electric power alone.

Great Wall Motors

We assume this has been estimated using the China Light Duty Vehicle Test Cycle (CLTC), so we expect a more conservative figure in real-world use. Interestingly, GWM says the 6x6 has been designed to accommodate a fully-electric drivetrain and even a hydrogen powertrain. Whether these options make it to production remains to be seen.

Aside from the addition of an extra axle, GWM and Chaojing Motors have modified the exterior with several add-ons. Up front, the fascia benefits from a distinctive front bumper, a sportier mesh grille, new headlight clusters (with a light bar that extends into the grille), and a brawnier hood with aggressive outlets.

Other changes include a split-opening tailgate, a sports bar, and a variety of off-roading accessories. So is this just a concept designed to turn heads? Yes. But, according to CarExpert, GWM is interested in putting this behemoth into production.

Great Wall Motors

A GWM Australia spokesperson told the publication that the Cannon 6x6 has caught their attention. "While we can confirm that it's intended for full production, we'll need to see whether it's viable for Australia. The potential for the large pickup segment is something that we're very aware of." If it works there, could it work here?

Even if it reaches the Land Down Under, it's highly unlikely that this monstrous CyberP!ckup 6x6 will reach our shores. Much like the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6 that popularized the body style, the concept will eventually spawn a jacked-up 4x4 variant, much like the G63 4x42.

If a six-wheeled pickup is what you desire, there are numerous options to choose from in the USA. The Ford Bronco-based Apocalypse Dark Horse is a good example, but if you want something bigger, perhaps a Ram TRX-based six-wheeler is a better choice. The Apocalypse Warlord may have a ridiculous price tag, but it's a seriously imposing machine capable of scaring other road users from a distance.

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