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Gymkhana In A Ferrari F40 Is Not Nearly As Cool As It Sounds

It's still cool to see, though!

If you are unfamiliar with YouTube channel TaxTheRich100, take a brief second to watch some of his older videos. Here’s one of a Ferrari Enzo doing a bit of ultra-lightweight rallying and here’s another of a Rolls-Royce Wraith wrecking the lawn of an English manor. Basically, this guy owns supercars and some property and combines the two to make awesome videos. Here he is again with a Ferrari F40, although this time the supercar stays on the road. That’s because it’s doing gymkhana…err…farmkhana.

Like the Enzo video before it this one isn’t too extreme but it’s still damn cool to see an F40 outside of its natural habitat (the race track or a garage). Maybe TaxTheRich100 and the person who brought a Ferrari F355 Berlinetta to an autocross event should get together.

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