Hacker Angers Tesla Owners By Remotely Opening Their Charging Ports

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We're guessing Elon won't be happy either.

As we move everything to the cloud and control devices over air, there are bound to be hackers in the middle of the equation. The amounts of delays, lost productivity, and costs associated with some hacks are staggering but this latest hackerman craze has Tesla owners mad about the mysterious opening of their charge ports. The trick is pretty simple as it emulates a Tesla Supercharger proximity signal, but the motives are really nothing short of craving popularity on TikTok.

The Tesla Supercharger network itself has been in the news after proposing to open up to all makes and models of EVs, including competitors like the Porsche Taycan. Now, Tesla will have to address this latest wireless security issue that was caught on video affecting the Tesla Model 3 and the rest of the lineup.


Again, no idea why anyone would go through the trouble to enable this hack, especially as the hacker is a Model 3 owner. Several models have been opened here as all Teslas have a feature where a radio frequency (RF) signal in the car opens the port as it backs into a Supercharging spot.

The RF signal in question has been captured by this Tesla-driving hacker onto a hardware device called the Flipper Zero. This device is a sub-gigahertz capture-and-transmit piece of hardware that can run the same RF signals that many devices use to communicate wirelessly. So even while the target victims here aren't near a charging port, the button on the device can open it. Although, it will close five minutes later if not charging.

Aside from really needing to get a life, we're surprised there is no camaraderie here among Tesla owners. There are more than enough haters, from Supercharger blocking trucks, to ICE-warriors trying to unplug Teslas and other EVs.

We're sure Tesla will be investigating as it won't want owners to think their cars have a defect and clog up the service bays. Should the complaints surface, Tesla can easily identify hackers via the car's standard location signals or maybe, just look up the custom Colorado license plate.

When confronted online, the protaganist claims to be helping out by saying, "Spreading awareness puts pressure on the company to fix it, I'm thinking Elon would approve of these methods."

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