Half Million Euro Fiat 500 C Abarth Sold

Last October, we had a story about this one-of-kind Fiat 500 C Abarth. Inspired by the 'La Dolce Vita' concept study, the car is officially named "La Dolce Vita Gold and Diamonds 200hp." Commissioned by an insanely wealthy Chinese businessman, it costs €500,000 or about US $666,000. The exterior has pearlescent white paint that includes 24K gold particles, which also adorn the body trim and wheels.

The electric roof top is simply black fabric. The interior, however, has been completely redone. There's a redesigned steering wheel with an outer ring made of teak wood with more 24K gold inserts. Additionally, there's handmade teak wood in place of the original carpet and the center console has a 24K gold framed instrument panel. Plenty of Alcantara, full grain leather, and handmade stitching are also on hand. Perhaps the most striking new feature is the Apple iPad Supreme Edition made in 24K gold and diamonds by English designer Stuart Hughes.

Located on the upper section of the center console, the removable iPad is fitted with a GPS system, an audio player that can handle MP3 and all iPod features. Tuned by Romeo Ferraris, the engine has a new turbine, exhaust system, and ECU re-tune. The 1.4-liter engine now produces 200 hp. Brembo brakes and a sport suspension round out the package.

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