Half of Caddy Dealers Don't Want the ELR

Infrastructure and tooling will be too expensive for low-volume dealers.

Speaking to Cadillac Global Marketing Director JimVurpillat at the Chicago Auto Show, Edmunds was told that nearly half of Cadillac’s 940 dealerships willopt out of the 2014 ELR. The EV’s extensive requirements for dealers, includingservice charging stations, special training, customized tools and a separate salesarea, would prove too costly for dealers selling just a few units per year.

Even with the car’s $75,995 sticker price (includingshipping), only about 530 dealerships will display the ELR on their floors. The410 dealers choosing to stay away from the Chevy Volt’s expensive twin aremostly in outlying areas with already-low sales, or in parts of the countryless likely to see demand for a plug-in hybrid. The cost for dealers’ trainingand tooling is estimated to be as high as $15,000. Vurpillat predicted mostsales would stem from areas like California, Dallas, Miami and New York. "Theyare not selling a lot of electric vehicles in Iowa," he said.

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