Half of US Drivers Speed and Hate When You Do It

At least those who were surveyed by the NHTSA.

Driving fast can be a lot of fun, and it can also be deadly. Despite the many serious risks to themselves, their passengers, fellow drivers and pedestrians, the thrill of going above the speed limit remains appealing for many drivers. And now the NHTSA has released survey results indicating that Americans still have a major need for speed . A total of 6,144 US households were contacted via phone survey and were asked to respond to statements like "I enjoy the feeling of driving fast."

All told, some 25 percent of respondents agreed with that. What’s more, 16 percent indicated they get to their destinations "as fast as I can." 25 percent agreed that "speeding is something I do without thinking." Interestingly, 91 percent of respondents agreed that "everyone should obey the speed limit, because it’s the law." 80 percent agreed that driving close to the speed limit makes it easier to avoid danger. Another four percent even admitted to at least one speed-related collision in the last five years. Male drivers between the ages of 16-20 admitted to speeding more than any other group.

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