Hallelujah! BMW's M Models Will Stay RWD As Long As Possible

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We also have good news for fans of the straight-six!

If you were worried that BMW's M cars were going to get tame, we have some good news. Speaking to Motoring.com, M Division's head of product management Carsten Pries said that for the time being, M cars will have at least a six-cylinder engine. When asked about the possibility of a four-cylinder M car, Pries said, "I hope not, because six is part of our DNA. Not only the power, but that hallmark sound that we have." We know a four-cylinder M car could work and perform well, but the straight-six is unique and ferocious.


Pries confirmed that BMW M cars will remain at least six-cylinder and RWD "for the foreseeable future." Competitor Mercedes-Benz has added AWD on the hardcore E63 AMG-S. AWD helps the car get to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds compared to the M5's 3.7. Audi has always built its RS cars with AWD and the 0-60 times have always been staggering. Some people would say that retaining RWD actually puts BMW M models at a disadvantage in specific performance areas, mainly sprints. However, RWD results in lower weight and can allow the cars to be more agile. We are happy to hear that BMW will keep RWD on its M models. If you want AWD, you know where to go. Unless you buy an X5/X6 M, but that doesn't count (we guess).

Source Credits: www.motoring.com.au

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