Halloween Hot Hatch: We Caught Mercedes Testing Scary New A45 AMG Black Edition


It should have scary power too.

Halloween is when the veil between worlds is so thin that the dearly departed, and other supernatural beings, can cross over into our world. But to do that they need to wear a disguise so that they can blend in. This leads us to believe that the new Mercedes-Benz caught on camera around the streets of Nurburgring in disguise is actually something quite scary. Scary as in it could be a small hot hatch with enough power on tap to make you almost literally soil yourself.

It's not a big secret that Mercedes is working on a new A-Class, and in that range we know there's a wicked A45 AMG model. Thanks to the massive air dams on this car, we think this may just be the daddy version that's hit the streets in an attempt to scare the locals. It's not only those front air intakes, the car looks to have wider than normal fenders and a wider track. A wider track usually means an all-wheel drive setup. Of course, when it comes time to create a new car, or even a facelift of a performance model, the most important thing that needs to be upgraded is the power plant. As it stands, the A45 AMG makes 357 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque, pretty much the strongest hot hatch available.

With that information, it makes sense to presume this new model will make even more power, otherwise what's the point of it? We guess at least 400 hp should be on tap, as it's a nice round figure, but no one will complain about more. The only question left is whether this will be a new version of the A45 AMG or if it will be an A45 AMG S, an A45 AMG R or a range-topping AMG A45 Black Series. Let's hope all will be revealed soon, along with some tasty images.

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