Halloween Special: Creative Corpse Carriers

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Just in time for Halloween, here's a short list of some creatively designed hearses.

These hearses are one part creepy and one part creative. Halloween is right around the corner, which means it's time to celebrate the spookiest class of car in existence: the hearse. The classic hearse is an all-black ride known to creep ominously down dark, lonely roads. Fortunately for scaredy-cats, these hearses don't match that description. While they are designed to transport the dead, these hearses are more innovative than spooky and more creative than bloodcurdling.

Southern California's Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) has given this hearse the complete "Pimp My Ride" treatment and then some. This hearse features a terrifying paint job filled with skulls and a spider web-inspired front grille. Inside the hearse things are a little more awesome than scary as this hearse is stocked with a working grill, cooler and flat screen TV. Pimpin'.

Reverend Ray Biddiss has created what he has called the fastest motorcycle hearse in the world. The hearse is a customized Triumph Rocket III that is capable of hitting 114.1 mph while carrying Biddiss and a deceased passenger in back.

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Eco-friendly folks looking to take their green crusade to the grave will love the Ion. This hearse is electrically powered and was built by Bergadana Solutions, not Saturn. The Ion has a top speed of 25 mph and was designed in part so that Spanish mourners walking behind the hearse could hear their tears, not the roar of the hearse's engine.

New Zealander Mike Price has created a unique motorcycle hearse consisting of only two wheels. Price's creation is unique as nearly all motorcycle hearses are either three wheeled or tow their caskets. This motohearse has a coffin built into the body and requires two riders to safely drive. The hearse measures 15 feet, weighs 1,322 pounds and is capable of carrying a 440 pound body.

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