HAMANN Motorsport Tunes BMW 6-Series Convertible

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The BMW 6-Series Convertible will be getting a tuning from HAMANN Motorsport. The main feature is that the 650i will get a total boost of 21hp to increase the performance from 155 mph to 168 mph.

German tuner HAMANN Motorsport has given their perspective to the upcoming BMW 6-Series Convertible. The tuning kit includes the option to choose from either 20- or 21-inch alloy wheels available in black, silver or a combination of both. Also offered is a sports suspension that lowers the height by around 30mm at the front and 25mm at the rear by using new springs. The interior upgrades will feature aluminum pedals along with black foot mats accompanying the trademark silver HAMANN logo.

Performance upgrades will be available for the 630i, 635d and 650i and will include a sport exhaust system, sport brake system and an adjustable coilover suspension system. Under the hood, the 650i will get a boost of around 21hp, increasing the overall performance of the 650i from 155 mph to 168 mph. The standard factory-spec 650i is powered by a V8 twin-turbo engine that gives an output of 407hp. Pricing begins around €7,620 or $11,072 (on top of the price of the car itself) and HAMANN Motorsport plans to unveil their package at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

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