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Hamann Nervudo is an Orange Lamborghini Aventador

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German tuner unveils the orange Aventador we’ve all dreamed about.

Making a splash at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week was Hamann who brought a long a metallic orange Lamborghini Aventador fitted with a body kit and some extra goodies that it rechristened the "Nervudo," the Spanish word for sinewy / vigorous / forceful. Looking at the transformation and you'll agree it's quite an apt name. A remapped ECU and fire-spitting sports exhaust system combine to squeeze an extra 60 hp and 34 lb-ft of torque from the 6.5-liter V12, for a total output of 750 hp and 543 lb-ft.

On top of that, Hamann made some aerodynamic additions, including an oversized rear wing, carbon-fiber front spoiler and reworked diffuser, new side skirts, engine vents and roof scoop. Orange and grey alloys, staggered 20/21 inches front/rear complete the exterior treatments, while the same two-tone coloration adorns the cabin that's been finished in leather and Alcantara with contrast stitching and carbon-fiber trim.

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