Hamann Releases Tycoon EVO M (AKA: Another Tuned BMW X6)

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First off, we must admit that we're not fans of the BMW X6. For many obvious reasons, it's simply not, nor will it ever be, on our wish list of cars. And with that...German tuner Hamann has built yet another over-the-top BMW-derived creation. We saw it at the Geneva Motor Show and can verify that it's as gaudy as the pictures make it out to be. Under the hood, Hamann added an additional 120 hp, for a grand total of 670 hp. It has a top speed of 186 mph.


However, it's the exterior that really gets the attention (for better or worse). Hamann has widened the X6 by 60 millimeters and gave it a carbon-accented matte-black paint job. It rides on 23-inch wheels (also painted matte black) and the roof rack, taillights, rear spoiler, hood, antenna, and exhaust surround are all made from carbon fiber. The insanity continues inside with, in place of carbon fiber and/or aluminum trim, Hamann went with Nanai Salmon leather. Don't worry, we never heard of it before either.

Hamann Motorsport
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Apparently, Hamann claims that it's as durable and luxurious as typical leather and even has the look and feel of salmon skin. Judging by the photos, it looks more like snake or alligator skin. Fortunately, the seats are covered in leather with Alcantara trim. Official pricing was not released.

GTSpirit via Youtube

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