Hamilton, Moss, Politely Trolling On The BBC

As with the meeting two racing legends, respect and trash talk will go hand in hand. We are lucky to just get a glimpse.

Britain has had its share of motorsport heroes. An early one was Sir Stirling Moss. The first British driver to win the British Grand Prix, he's still known as "the greatest driver to never win the championship", the natural result of having the bad luck to race against Juan Manuel Fangio. Currently, the Brits have Lewis Hamilton, the 2008 World Champion, and the BBC arranged for the two to meet at Silverstone, the site of Moss’s famous big win against Fangio many years ago.

The two compare cars (both of which were built by Mercedes) and equipment, as they each express their awe at the other’s achievements in a way that is actually heartwarming and humorous.

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