Hammer Time with Chris Harris

The world’s fastest passenger sedan upon its release in 1986, The Hammer is what made the AMG name.

Celebrating AMG's 40th birthday in style, Chris Harris goes on a tour of Mercedes' high-performance unit where is he is given the pick of the heritage stable. After perusing the lot at his leisure there is only one car he wants to spend time in: the original AMG Hammer. This is the car that brought AMG to the fore, created before the firm was acquired by Benz for customers that wanted a BMW M5 rival, only more so.

Converting W124 E-Class Mercs to pump out an additional 100 horsepower, the car was offered as a saloon, coupe and estate with a choice of 5.5-liter and 6.0-liter V8s, the latter serving up 381 horsepower via AMG's own four-valve heads - far more than the stock 140hp 230E on which it was based.

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