Han Solo Helps Save Car Crash Victim In Dangerous California


You can also call him Indy.

There was a rollover accident last Sunday on Highway 126 in Santa Paula, California, and Han Solo, aka Indiana Jones, aka Rick Deckard, aka the most badass President of the United States we've never had just happened to be in the vicinity. VC Star reports that actor Harrison Ford was with a friend when they heard the vehicle crash and immediately came to help. A California Highway Patrol spokesman said that the driver, a 63-year-old woman, was driving in the fast lane when she lost control of her car after stepping on the brakes.

The car then swerved across all lanes and down an embankment. It then hit a tree. Fortunately, the driver didn't suffer serious injuries. For his part, Harrison Ford checked on the woman's condition alongside rescue crews. Only once he realized the woman was okay did he leave the scene. For Harrison Ford, no stranger to crashes himself, this isn't the first time he's come to the aid of a complete stranger in need of life saving help. Back in 2000, he piloted a helicopter in Idaho to rescue a stranded hiker from a mountain. At the time, he offered his piloting services (and his helicopter) for free to help save the cost of hiring a private pilot.

This latest incident may not have involved a rescue helicopter, but a crash is a crash and someone was hurt. Harrison Ford did what was right. This guy is a hero even in real life.

David James, Paramount Pictures, Lucasfilm

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