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Hankook Creates Sci-Fi Tires That Transform and Adapt to Any Terrain

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Now that's what you call cutting-edge rubber.

Every two years, Hankook Tire partakes in a Design Innovation Project with the aim of creating futuristic tire concepts. Under the theme: 'A Great Challenge for a Great Change,' the tiremaker teamed up with the University of Design, Engineering and Business in Pforzheim, Germany, and created a trio of innovative tires that morph and adapt to changing terrain. The Boostrac is designed to tackle desertification, with hexagonal tread blocks that expand for added traction, ideal for rough conditions such as steep mountain roads.

Alpike tires expand its circumference in order to increase ground clearance and, along with studs and gaps, is optimal for driving on heavy snow. HyBlade comes with a 'waterwheel' tread and side propeller spokes for traversing over deep water caused by heavy rain. Just in case these don't sound badass enough, the following video will leave you in no doubt.

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