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Happy 50th To The Renault 4

There are a few factors which go into making a car one of the most popular ever. The biggest factor has usually been cheapness, and the number one and two most popular cars (the Ford Model T and the VW Beetle) reflect this. Versatility should not be overlooked though, and the number three car, the Renault 4, is the perfect example of this. 2011 marks 50 years since the car was first unveiled, and Renault had a hit right from the start.

The idea behind the car was to make a "blue jean" car. This is one that can find a use anywhere in the world and with a huge variety of people. Renault made all kind of different versions of the car, from the R4L luxury edition to a 4-wheel-drive model that grabbed a podium finish one year at the Paris-Dakar rally. Renault says they have plans for a whole series of 4-themed offerings for 2011. Keep watch here for more coverage.

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