Happy Birthday Enzo Ferrari

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Born on this day in 1898.

116 years ago today, Enzo Ferrari was born near the town of Modena. It took the man, who was deified and loathed in equal measure throughout his working life, almost half-a-century before founding his own company that would become the most powerful brand in the world and one of the most successful racing car manufacturers of all time. In 1947, Enzo Ferrari established his company simply to race cars, and that passion for racing has lead Ferrari to compete continuously in F1 since 1950 – the only racing firm to do so.

Over sixty years of stunning road cars penned primarily by Pininfarina, as well as Bertone and Zagato, were built to finance Ferrari's racing program, but these stylish, sensuous and brutally powerful cars have become icons of the road, revered across the globe. From the Ferrari 250 GTO through the Ferrari F40 to the LaFerrari, these are the pinnacle of the cars of their era. Enzo, we salute you. Tanti Auguri.

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