Happy Labor Day, Even Happier for Car Thieves

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Some car thieves don't consider Labor Day time off. They go to work instead.

We'd like to wish all of our readers in the good old US of A a Happy Labor Day weekend. But as you head outside for some BBQs and drinks, there's something we'd like to warn you about. As it turns out, car thieves like to celebrate the holiday weekend by working. In other words, they're out to steal your car. It may even be happening at this very moment. Yeah, go double check the driveway to make sure everything's cool.

A report from the Detroit Free Press is claiming that Labor Day is "among the top five holidays of the year for stolen vehicles." Citing data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, 1,977 cars were reported stolen on Labor Day in 2011. That's one theft every 43 seconds. Progressive Insurance also had similar data. Based on its own stats, nine of the ten days in 2012 in which it received the highest number of stolen car reports happened between July and September. And yes, one of those days was the morning after Labor Day. Pictured ahead are just some of the most stolen cars in the US.

Ram Trucks
Ford Motors, Wieck
Source Credits: freep.com

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