Hardcore Ferrari 488 GTO Teased For The First Time

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Will Ferrari's upcoming Porsche 911 GT2 RS fighter dethrone the LaFerrari? No doubt we'll find out at Geneva.

The upcoming hardcore version of the Ferrari 488, long-rumored to be called the 488 GTO in homage to the original 250 GTO, has been one of the worst kept secrets in the supercar world. Ferrari's new Porsche GT2 RS fighter was recently leaked in full at a private event, while leaked images from an internal presentation also revealed some tantalyzing details. Finally, however, we now have official confirmation from Ferrari that the 488 is about to get seriously spiced up.

Shown for the first time in a short but sweet teaser, the video opens with the Ferrari 488 Challenge and 488 GTE racecars doing laps around a circuit, strongly suggesting that the 488 GTO will be fitted with race-derived components. Ferrari hasn't shared any details however, but teased that "new thrills are about to come" on social media.

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That means we still don't have a confirmed name for the hardcore 488. So far, reports have suggested it could adopt the GTO moniker, or simply be called the 488 Speciale, or Special Series. Until its name is officially confirmed, we're sticking with GTO for now. Brief glimpses of the 488 GTO are shown towards the middle of the teaser, revealing an aggressive front with a weight-saving carbon fiber bumper, a huge splitter, and a cutout possibly designed to send air flow over the hood. We can also see what looks like a massive 488 GTE-inspired rear diffuser and full-length body stripes similar to its predecessor, the 458 Speciale.

We even get a brief look at the interior in the video, revealing an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel with integrated LED shift lights and alloy pedals. According to a leaked company presentation, the 488 GTO will feature race-derived technology including a "race gearshift," an "extremely direct steering ratio," new Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires, and 20-inch carbon fiber wheels which are 40 percent lighter. Aerodynamic tweaks will enable a 20 percent increase in aero efficiency over the 488 GTB. Best of all, it could also dethrone the LaFerrari as the fastest road-going Ferrari ever built, thanks to a twin-turbo V8 with over 700 horsepower.

Now that a teaser has been dropped, we're fully expecting to see the Ferrari 488 GTO debut at next month's Geneva Motor Show. Plus, major Ferrari reveals like the LaFerrari and last year's 812 Superfast traditionally happen at Geneva. Something tells us it will be worth the wait.

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