Hardcore Land Rover Defender Comes To Life

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Check out these cool Land Rover Defender accessories.

The standard 2021 Land Rover Defender is already a highly capable off-roader, but there are plenty of accessories available to make it even more rugged. A few weeks ago, Instagram page New Defender Mods posted a render showing what a more hardcore Land Rover Defender could look like with a raft of aftermarket and factory accessories installed, ranging from a ride-raising lift kit, chunky off-road tires, and a roof rack.

Now, New Defender Mods has released the first photos and video footage of a production Land Rover Defender with some of these modifications installed.

New Defender Mods / Instagram New Defender Mods / Instagram

Dominating the front of this customized Defender is a massive bull bar installed by Australian dealer Northern Beach Land Rover that makes the off-roader look much more menacing.

The design looks nearly identical to the bull bar that was shown in the original render. With the bull bar installed, it's safe to say the modified Defender will be able to ram anything that gets in its way. And if you do encounter any tricky obstacles, an optional front Warn winch is installed to help clear the path. New Defender Mods told CarBuzz that this is a genuine Land Rover Australia accessory that can be installed at dealers.

New Defender Mods / Instagram New Defender Mods / Instagram

Currently, the accessory is only available from Australian Land Rover dealers and it isn't known if Land Rover plans to sell it in the US. However, if owners outside of Australia are interested in adding the bulbar and winch, New Defender Mods says they will try to help to source them and have already received several requests.

Customer deliveries for the new Land Rover Defender recently started in the US, but demand is outreaching supply right now. In the US, Land Rover offers a wide selection of customization options for the rugged off-roader, including four accessory packs designed for different scenarios and 170 individual accessories.

New Defender Mods / Instagram New Defender Mods / Instagram New Defender Mods / Instagram

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