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Hardcore McLaren 570LT Coming With Over 600 HP

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Looks like a new flagship McLaren Sports Series is on the horizon.

McLaren has just released a mysterious teaser showing a new unannounced model with the tagline "the edge is coming." A teaser image has also been released on social media showing what appears to the rear of the McLaren 570S, but with one notable omission: the exhaust. While this has led to speculation this could be a teaser for McLaren's upcoming fully electric hypercar, what we're looking at here is a new hardcore version of the McLaren 570S, rumored to be called the 570LT.

Compared to the standard 570S, the range-topping Sports Series shown in the teaser image has more aggressive tires and styling, including aerodynamic-enhancing side blades. As for the lack of exhaust in the photo, it will probably become a centrally-mounted system to save weight and create a more ear-shattering soundtrack.

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While the McLaren 570S is powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 producing 562 hp, that output is expected to increase to over 600 hp in the hardcore 570LT. Like the 675LT, the focus will be on reducing weight and optimizing the aerodynamics. Since the 570S belongs in McLaren's entry-level Sports Series family, the changes probably won't be as comprehensive as the 675LT. Modifications will most likely include lighter wheels, reduced sound deadening, and a titanium exhaust, which is currently only already available through McLaren's MSO department. Production will also likely be limited, since both the 675LT coupe and spider were limited to just 500 examples.

According to Autocar, work on the 570LT is already finished but McLaren is waiting for an ideal time slot to launch it. It's expected to be unveiled sometime this summer.