Hardtop SC20 Previews Next Lamborghini Aventador

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Could the one-off SC20 Speedster be secretly hiding the new Aventador's design language?

Lamborghini is known for doing things to a rather extreme standard. It's that garish, OTT style that inspired someone to build a roofless Huracan, a car whose reveal accidentally coincided with that of the breathtaking Lamborghini SC20. The SC20, as you may already know, is a one-off built for a customer who wanted something extremely special, but as TheSketchMonkey considers in the below video, Lamborghini is known for taking design cues from rare, special editions and implementing them on future models. Remember how the Reventon foreshadowed the Aventador and all subsequent Lambos, directly influencing the way Sant'Agata's cars look today? Well, the SC20 could do the same for the Aventador's replacement...

The Sketch Monkey
The Sketch Monkey

As you can see, the digital render doesn't take things much further than adding a roof, deleting the rear wing, and softening the rear fenders slightly, but a toned-down yet still radical design based on past Lamborghini models and concepts is exactly what we expect for the Son of Aventador.

Would you be happy with the next big Lambo supercar if it looked like this? Would a radical design be enough to convince you that a hybrid powertrain doesn't dilute a Lamborghini's DNA? With the SC20's 6.5-liter V12 developing a whopping 770 horsepower, we aren't quite ready to say goodbye to a naturally-aspirated monster of an engine, and it seems that Lamborghini isn't ready either.


But change is inevitable, and no matter what powers the Sant'Agata supercars of tomorrow, we can always be certain that Lamborghini will never cease to amaze, even when the electric revolution eventually overthrows the shrines of internal combustion. Lamborghini's future was in doubt recently, and we have to admit that contemplating a world with no Lamborghini is certainly worse than a world where Lamborghini's make all their noise visually.

Still, with the SC20's headlights proving reminiscent of those on the facelifted Gallardo, we can't help but wonder if Lamborghini is running out of ideas. After all, how do you up the ante when your most recent release is a roofless roadster with a roaring V12?


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