Hardwood Concept Cars

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Yes really, some automakers are experimenting once again with wood.

Splinters come standard on all of these rides. The Woody is making a comeback as indicated by all of these awesome wooden concept cars. Unlike the Woodies of old, these modern wooden cars are built with eco-friendly engines and are designed for speed. It may be hard to believe that you could one day shatter the speed limit in a car made out of an oak tree, but the idea will become more realistic once you've checked out all of these killer concept cars.

The Splinter from Joe Harmon is perhaps the best take on what a modern-day wooden car would look like. Splinter is designed with a wooden body, chassis, a partially wooden suspension and set of wheels. Splinter features a 600 horsepower turbocharged 4.6 liter V8 that would propel the 2,500-pound-car to ungodly speeds.

To be fair, the Mercedes-Benz Recy isn't entirely made out of tree, but it still packs enough wood to merit inclusion on this list. The Recy may look a little like a Frankenstein monster, but that's because it is. The concept was designed to show what a car made out of 100 percent recycled materials such as wood, glass and rubber might look like.

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The Mercedes-Benz Aria is an all-wood concept car designed for the year 2030. Slavche Tanevski is the genius behind this design, which is powered by four electric engines with one in each wheel. The Aria is designed to seat four and features four butterfly doors. The concept's body is made out of wood as is most of the interior, floors included. Hardwood floors in a Mercedes, sounds about right.

Rob Dolton's Epoch is a futuristic race car designed with a bamboo body. Using bamboo to design a race car's exterior may sound silly, but the fast-growing grass (bamboo is technically classified as grass) is known for being both lightweight and durable. Perhaps Dolton is onto something here. Either way, I wouldn't sleep on the soon-to-be bamboo car revolution.

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