Harman Reveals Astounding Tech And Safety Creations At CES 2024

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From entertainment to safety, Harman has released several new features for OEMs.

Samsung-owned tech company Harman has revealed various new in-car features at CES 2024. These features can be quickly adapted by OEMs who want to easily add new features or functions to their products. Harman has covered almost everything from safety to entertainment systems with its latest innovations.


Ready Vision QVUE & AR HUD

Designed to keep the driver's eyes on the road, Ready Vision makes for a safer driving experience by projecting information onto the lower part of the windscreen. This lets motorists briefly glance down at their speed and other vital data without distracting them from what's ahead.

Ready Vision QVUE uses a cost-effective HDR-capable reflective display that emits a strong resolution display quality. By installing third-party apps from the Harman Ignite Store, customers can monitor their EV charge status or keep updated with the latest weather reports. EV owners also benefit from turn-by-turn navigation for EV charging stations. Drivers can purchase food through Ready Vision and pick it up in restaurants.

OEMs can choose from different display sizes, from instrument clusters to pillar-to-pillar windscreen coverage. With augmented reality software (artificial intelligence), the system helps keep the driver alert with hazard detection, 3D navigation, and real-time traffic visuals.

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Ready Upgrade Base and Advanced

The Ready Upgrade systems enable OEMs to introduce entertainment upgrades to their vehicles in as little as six months. These domain controllers promise future-proof technology, with two models aimed at different segments. The Pre-Certified IP69 Base Domain Controllers are aimed at adventure vehicles and utility SUVs (like the Ineos Grenadier).

The Ready Upgrade Base combines vehicle infotainment and the cluster on an eight-inch screen. The Advanced Domain Controllers have been designed with high-end vehicles in mind, as luxury brands may want to add more safety features and displays within the car. Like the QVUE, it is compatible with third-party apps.

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Ready Care Driver Activity Detection & Life Presence Detection

Touted as an industry-first in-cabin monitoring product, Ready Care measures the driver's cognitive and visual load. This can identify potential distractions or fatigue, which the system aims to remedy by offering interventions to improve safety. The visual and mental cognitive load measurement is remarkable and uses AI, neuroscience, and machine learning to classify a driver's behavior.

Other features include Driver Activity Detection, which monitors whether the driver's hands are on the steering wheel or are engaged in other activities, such as smoking, eating, or using their phone. The Life Presence Detection system is essential and can distinguish between child and adult occupants. This is crucial, as safety features like airbags and seatbelts can only operate correctly if appropriately adjusted. It will be interesting to see if this can be adapted to detect children left behind in a parked vehicle, much like the system Toyota is working on.

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Ready Display

The Ready Display may look like it was lifted out of a Mercedes EQS, but it's a rather neat piece of kit. Powered by Samsung Neo QLED, the display quality is sublime. OEMs will be pleased to know it's an affordable solution with impressive performance.

There are various sizes (NQ3, NQ5, and NQ7) to choose from, with the largest stretching across the entire dashboard. To prevent the driver from getting a peek at the passenger side screen, the Ready Display uses software-enabled Active Privacy that keeps the passenger's display out of sight.

An under-display driver monitoring camera system (presumably the Ready Care Driver Activity Detection) is located beneath the screen.

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Ready Connect

Ready Connect is Harman's latest 5G telematics control unit. The company says this enables OEMs to improve product scalability and upgradability and enhances in-vehicle-connected mobility experiences. Described as "future-proof," manufacturers can upgrade from 4G to 5G with highly scalable software architecture.

With the help of Traffic Technology Services, Ready Connect allows for the display of real-time traffic information, like traffic light awareness, without the need for in-vehicle or roadside sensors.

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Lastly, we have SeatSonic, which takes a new approach to in-vehicle audio systems. Instead of placing the speakers in traditional places - doors, dashboards, and footwells - SeatSonic provides occupants with a personalized listening experience.

Each passenger benefits from a personal sound subsystem that offers a high-quality listening experience. While many manufacturers have integrated speakers into the headrests, seats tend not to act as sound systems. By freeing up space in other parts of the interior, designers can create more storage space or do something else with the once-occupied areas.

SeatSonic can be specified as a standalone product or bundled with other functions, like SeatSonic Plus and SeatSonic Max. Harman is working with Adient, a leading figure in automotive seat design, to create these unique experiences for future vehicles.

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