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Harris Celebrates Best of British

Drive’s Chris Harris spends time with the Caterham 7 and Morgan 3 Wheeler and loves every second of it.

Two very different cars linked by their innate ability to offer unique driving experiences. As Harris says in his latest Drive installment, the Morgan 3 Wheeler and Caterham 7 represent the essence of driving. They can’t match the latest hypercars in terms of raw power and top speed, but they are unequalled when it comes to the sensation of controlling a machine and outright driving pleasure. The Brits have mastered making sports cars exposed to the elements, ironic given their year-round rain and cold, but when the sun does pop its head out you can see why they bothered.

Just watch how much fun Harris has cruising along within the speed limit. Pushing three digits in a Porsche 911 GT3 RS doesn’t even come close.

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