Harris Compares Bentley and Audi

Drive’s Chris Harris ponders whether the VW Group produced Bentley GT Speed and Audi S4 have too much in common.

The Volkswagen Group consists of 12 brands. Each one supposedly having its own distinct flavor and attitude. To be perfectly honest, VW has managed each one very well over the last several years. However is it possible for these brand personalities to overlap from time to time? Car scribe Chris Harris seriously pondered this question after taking a Bentley Continental GT Speed and an Audi S4 out for test drives, and the results of his findings are as enlightening as ever.

The bottom line is this: does the $215,000 W12-Bentley have too much in common with a $50,000 supercharged V6 Audi? We’re not talking about the cars' performance specs but rather their driving characteristics.

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