Harris Hoons Clarkson's 458 Spider

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Jeremy Clarkson seems to have loaned his Ferrari 458 Spider to Chris Harris for a long overdue hoon around the track.

Banned from test driving Ferraris following his controversial "How Ferrari Spins" treatise in which he accused the Italian carmaker of rigging its press cars, if British auto-journo Chris Harris wants to review a Ferrari he has to borrow one from a mate. And in his latest contribution to the Drive channel, he is driving, neigh slaying, a 458 Spider around the track, which after a bit of detective work - gold wheels, same license plate number - appears to be on loan from Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson.

The review is clearly well overdue, but Monkey provides a unique take on the 458 Spider by "driving it like an idiot." Expert analysis and driving as always, and plenty of nice words for the company that treats him with contempt.

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