Harry Metcalfe Hustles The Heavy 600-HP Bentley Bentayga Through The Corners

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Metcalfe finds time to have some fun during a 1,500-mile road trip in a Bentley.

Take a moment to try and picture the typical owner of a Bentley Bentayga. Unless they're an athlete or a trust fund baby, it's likely the person in your mind's eye has grey hair, an extensive knowledge of the world's most fertile regions for a vineyard, and has a knack for finding small things to complain about in an otherwise great car. As it just so happens, that description isn't too far off the mark if you were trying to describe Evo founder Harry Metcalfe.

The extensive vineyard knowledge is inconclusive, but Harry does seem to have an ability to find the best qualities in a car but not hold back when pointing out some of the day to day headache generators. Bentley lent him a Bentayga to do just that, and it was a timely loan.

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That's because Metcalfe happened to be taking a 1,500 mile road trip across Europe to get to the Geneva Motor Show. During the trip Metcalfe points to how quiet and soft the ride is, almost as if the Bentayga were an isolation chamber. When approaching a toll booth, the type that takes payment by scanning a plastic device inside of the car, we find that the Bentayga really is an isolation chamber because the booth is unable to scan the device. Acoustic lamination on the windows perhaps? Metcalfe, being the gearhead that he is, tosses that inconvenience to the wind and opens up the 6.0-liter W12 on some curvaceous mountain roads.

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