Has BMW Built the Ultimate EV?

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Heck, it even beat the M3 in a BMW-sponsored drag race.

Love it or hate it, the BMW i3 is an impressive display of lightweight materials and battery technologies. And so far there's been plenty of interest amongst potential buyers in many countries. But can the acclaimed German automaker who proudly proclaims it builds the Ultimate Driving Machines build the Ultimate EV? That's what everyone is waiting to find out, and the crew over at XCAR have managed to get behind the wheel of the i3 for a full and thorough review.

Remember, the i3 is just the start of BMW's i Series. Aside from the i8, which isn't a pure EV, BMW has also just announced that an i5 is on the way. So is the i3 the "Ultimate EV?" Check out the video review to find out.

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