Has Cadillac Built A Better BMW M3 Than BMW Did?

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What a coup if it did.

It's taken Cadillac a long time to reach this point. GM's bankruptcy delayed things even further. But it's finally happened. Cadillac's all-new V-Sport models are just now arriving, and the first to hit showrooms will be the ATS-V coupe and sedan this spring. Later in the summer the new CTS-V will arrive, but for now official test drives of the ATS-V are underway, and Motor Trend recently got behind the wheel. And like all of us, MT was wondering whether or not Cadillac has built the new benchmark high-performance coupe and mid-size sedan.

Has the almighty M3 (and M4) been dethroned? Has Cadillac fully delivered on its promise to make American muscle dominate globally once again? The stakes are high and the automaker is fully confident in itself. But let buyers be the final judge of that. Presenting the first official ATS-V test drive.

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