Has Cadillac Officially Lost Its Mind?

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Read this and you'll understand why.

The Cadillac Escalade. It's blingtastic. More importantly, it's a wonderfully executed luxurious SUV that's continued to be a solid money maker for the brand. Starting price? $72,970. Fully loaded and your bank account will go south by $95,870. Thing is, Cadillac doesn't feel that top price is enough. According to Automotive News, Cadillac is considering increasing the Escalade's price into the six-figure territory. A Cadillac spokesman claims that "The argument for doing it...is strong and momentum is moving it higher. It's completely logical that's where you go with it."

The real reason, more than likely, is to get the Escalade's pricing in line with the recently unveiled Bentley Bentayga and the upcoming Rolls-Royce and Maserati SUVs. But the current Escalade ESV Premium doesn't have a justifiable $100k+ price tag. Instead, Cadillac would need to have an even more luxurious and powerful Escalade on offer. It could be done quite easily, but still. A six-figure Cadillac Escalade? Is Cadillac really on par with Bentley? It definitely wants to be.

Source Credits: www.autonews.com

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