Has Chevy Made The Hatchback Cool For The Masses?


The Chevy Cruze and Bolt are very bold steps forward.

Chevy is in the process of taking two small steps towards a new future in the forms of two hatchbacks. One of those is an affordable EV known as the Bolt. Chevy hopes to build a car that can go 200 miles on a single charge, a charge that takes only nine hours to complete. Nine hours sounds daunting of course, but the technology is improving every day. Besides, how often do you drive more than 200 miles in one day? Yeah, Tesla's supercharging network is a big selling point but we don't think it'll take away too much from the Bolt's appeal.

The Bolt's expected price could be its selling point, with it starting around $30,000. If Chevy can draw the masses to its relatively affordable EV it would be setting a potentially dangerous precedent, as competition would be hard to come by. Okay, so what about the other hatchback mentioned? That would be the Chevy Cruze. With the Cruze, it's difficult to tell what Chevy was aiming for, but what they have accomplished is interesting. It may not have fixed the issue of cargo space, but the engine is nothing to laugh at as it keeps the relationship between modern cars and turbos alive and well, so it's still relevant. With the Cruze it seems like hatchbacks will stay affordable while upping their game in technology.

Packing an affordable hatchback full of technology could give Chevy a big edge. If it drops a hotter engine into the hatchback, well that would be just too much to handle. Here's hoping the automaker is onto something with these two hatchbacks. We welcome a future where green and affordable cars don't have to suck.

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