Has IND Just Created The Fiercest Daily Driving M4?

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This M4 gets a lethal look, but will its performance go for the win?

Already known for some epic projects like the 550 horsepower Green Hell M3, Illinois-based tuning firm IND has proven its ability to build cars that exude insanity but still offer excellent performance on the road course. Approached by the same owner to spec out his new M4, the company just released one of the most menacing M4s we've seen thus far. But as the project continues to develop, we're curious to see if this BMW will also receive some performance upgrades that will turn it into the perfect amphibious creature for track and road driving.

The M4 was ordered with Individual Pyrite Brown paint, with gold and brown hues making it look equally elegant and fast. KW's Variant 3 suspension offers an aggressive stance and superb ride quality. Next, BBS adorned it with bespoke FI-R wheels and Falken tires, offering the perfect balance for performance driving. The M4 was given a full carbon front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser and trunk spoiler, in addition to gloss black front and side grilles. An Eisenmann rear section with signature tips promises the perfect sound, both on or off track. IND promises further updates as this car evolves to generate the perfect mix of hardcore on-track performance and classy on-street cruising.

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