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Has Italdesign Built Another Ultra-Exclusive Supercar?

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The House That Giugiaro Built drops another teaser of its Geneva debut.

Italdesign told us a couple of weeks ago that it was working on something new to showcase at the Geneva Motor Show this year. Now it's released another teaser – this time in video form – and while it doesn't give us a whole lot more to go on, it does portend to something pretty.

The design house founded by the legendary Giorgetto Giugiaro is today part of the Volkswagen Group (through its Audi and Lamborghini divisions), and styles cars (among other objects) for members of the group, for outside clients, and for its own line of supercars.

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We didn't know until now whose badge the firm's new project would wear, but this latest video shows its own. Whether it'll be strictly a concept to captivate our attention, or something it'll put into limited production as part of its Automobili Speciali line, we can't say. To most of us, it won't make one shred of difference, though: it only made five examples of its debut Zerouno coupe and another five Zerouno Duerta roadsters, and each sold for millions. So whether it makes one of whatever it's bringing to Geneva or ten, we won't be getting our hands on it.

Since the Germans took over in 2010, Italdesign has showcased concepts like the Volkswagen Tex and the Audi Nanuk – a high-riding sports car that later resurfaced as the Italdesign Parcour. It's also shown other concepts under its own name, like the Brivido, Gea, and GTZERO. And it's undertaken work for other automakers – especially in the Far East, where it's plied its talents for the likes of Proton (in Malaysia), Ssangyong (in Korea), VinFast (in Vietnam), and Nissan (in Japan) for which it recloaked its flagship supercar-killer as the GT-R50.