Has Larte Design Made The Tesla Model S Look Like A True Supercar?


It's either gorgeous or crap.

The Tesla Model S has been a raving success. Everyone wants to try it out and experience what supercar-like acceleration feels like in an EV. The powerful beast has been known to take down even Ferraris. One major thing sets the Model S apart from other supercars and super saloons: the styling. It is wonderfully elegant and luxurious, however it does not have any aggressive elements that make it a mean supercar. Larte Design decided to change this, and released the Model S Elizabeta.

The Model S Elizabeta is finished in polished white and features black 22" forged wheels. Carbon fiber has been added in order to keep weight low and to stick with standard supercar style. There is a custom front bumper which reminds us of the wild Zenvo ST1. Rear diffuser and body accents further add to the aggressive nature of the Elizabeta. Larte has also made the Model S roar, for those who demand that in supercars. A custom sound module allows the driver to select from different acceleration noises that play throughout the cabin. This feature is a bit silly, but hey, it might beat that eerie electrical whir of the motors. Either way, Larte has brought a whole new look to the Model S. What do you think?

Source Credits: www.larte-design.com

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