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Has Mansory Destroyed This Rolls-Royce Wraith?

Or created something spectacular?

It looks like Rolls-Royce will never stop creating special edition models and the automaker has just teamed up with the always-crazy Mansory to build another special edition of the Wraith. The “Palm Edition 999” gets the Mansory treatment, which includes more power, a distinctive look and, of course, gold. Only nine Palm 999 Editions will be built for an undisclosed price. If you thought other special edition Wraiths were an eye sore, then look away while you can, because this isn't the prettiest thing we've ever seen.

Mansory fitted the vehicle with a carbon-fiber body kit and 21-inch gold wheels. The vehicle’s exterior badges have been finished in “pure gold,” but Mansory states that it will and can gold plate anything that has a metallic surface. The gold treatment continues to the interior of the vehicle where, unbelievably, the beautiful color makes itself very well known. Under the hood, the Wraith’s 6.6-liter V12 engine gets a power upgrade to 730 hp, which is up from the stock output of 623 hp. The vehicle’s zero to 62 mph time now only takes 4.4 seconds, while the company has also removed the Wraith’s top speed limiter. While we don’t know the price, with only nine units to be produced, we’re sure it won’t be cheap.

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