Has Marussia Stopped Making Cars?


Apparently its Moscow-based employees have all quit en masse.

We haven't heard much news coming from Russian supercar builder Marussia for some time now. If anyone recalls, Marussia's first creation was the B1, followed by the B2. Both looked fantastic with their edgy, in-your-face styling. The B2, for example, was powered by a 3.5-liter Cosworth V6 that can be tuned to produce as much as 420 horsepower. Supposedly, the B2 sold out its initial production run back in 2012, but there hasn't been any announcement to build more.

We also knew Marussia's Formula One team was having financial difficulties. Now, there are reports coming in claiming that Marussia Motors has suspended its car-making operations. What's more, its F1 team is now under new ownership and remains in competition. But get this: Marussia Motors Moscow-based staff have supposedly "left the company en masse and joined a government-run technical institute." That's Russia for you. There's still no official announcement from Marussia, but consider the (short) era of the B1 and B2 now over.

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