Has McLaren Lost Its Mind With Its Next Model?!

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Would you still be able to call it a McLaren?

Last year, we reported that McLaren will work on expanding its model range.The cars it's producing are already fantastic, so this is a good thing. Look at the 650S, its hardcore 675LT and the Porsche 911 Turbo-killing 570S and 540C. They're all fantastic machines. We also reported that McLaren might add a 2+2 coupe specifically for the US and Chinese markets. Well, according to Drive, that 2+2 coupe might actually be a shooting brake that will launch next year at Geneva.

It may seem odd for a company like McLaren, who builds mid-engined supercars, to build something as radical as a shooting brake. McLaren design director Frank Stephenson told Drive "that segment needs space" and "it could be an interesting way to go." Based on the 570S, the shooting brake might be easier to build than imagined because the sports car's carbon-fiber tub allows new panels to be fitted and altered quite easily. Stephenson states that the customers who buy the shooting brake will be different from customers who buy the 570S and "you don't want those overlapping." It's going to be interesting to see what McLaren comes up with.

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Source Credits: www.drive.com.au

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