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Has Mercedes Just Re-Skinned the BMW X6?


The new Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV and the X6 look awfully similar.

Yes, we’ll admit (again) that we’re not fans of the BMW X6. We like Bimmers such as the 1 Series M Coupe, the glorious V8-powered E90 M3, and, of course, the brand's many classics such as the M1. However, we still tip our hats to BMW for coming up with the X6 in the first place. Seemingly overnight, a new luxury segment was born and the competition scrambled to respond. Mercedes has finally done that when it unveiled its Concept Coupe SUV at Beijing.

Almost immediately, we thought it looked awfully like the X6. Still do, in fact. With the exception of Mercedes’ own styling and emblem (and lack of a twin kidney front grille), this concept could even be mistaken as a next-gen X6 concept. The overall proportions, at least in pictures, look amazingly similar. But we’ll let you be the judge here. Let us know your thoughts in the poll and comments.

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