Has Panoz Lost Its Mind Or Will People Really Drive A DeltaWing Road Car?


Fortune favors the bold, right?

A few months back we shared news that Panoz was developing a street-legal DeltaWing, as in the quirky racer of the same name fielded by Nissan. The situation between Panoz and Nissan is pretty sticky, with the former filing a lawsuit against the latter. All lawsuits aside, the company has been hard at work on its DeltaWing road car and here are the first images of the two-door version (a four-door is also planned). Keep in mind that this is just a prototype. However, the real deal shouldn’t stray too far from this example in terms of design.

The DeltaWing from Panoz will look unlike anything else on the road, and we’re not sure that’s a good thing. The company boasts that it will be capable of 74 mpg (or more) which is pretty impressive. However, it could come in at $60,000, which is a lot to spend on a car that offers you odd looks, good mpg and potentially not much else. The DeltaWing GT racer—seen here completely naked—is another story. It may boast 350 to 400 horsepower and a weight of less than 2,000 pounds. Bonkers track-only cars are becoming increasingly popular so this could prove a hit with rich enthusiasts. Hopefully it would be a bit more exposed to the elements, though.

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Remember that Panoz has made cars before so this isn’t some upstart company hoping to strike it big with one weird design. While we doubt a road-legal DeltaWing would be a financial hit we sure as hell hope to see at least one or two out there in the wild.