Has Piecha Design Butchered The F-Type With Its New Aero Package?

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Some cars are best left untouched.

Piecha Design has set its sights on the Jaguar F-Type, creating a new aero package for the convertible model. The set consists of a new splitter, side skirts, bumper and diffuser. As you'd expect, the whole package sits on a set of new alloy wheels. Now the F-Type is a work of art outside and in. However, this package makes it look just a bit like a wannabe S2000 or modded Miata. Part of the awesomeness of the F-Type is its aggressive, raised stance.

Yes, a lot of cars can benefit from cool aero kits, but the F-Type convertible may not be one of them. Or is it? Check out the photos from Piecha Design and decide for yourself.


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