Has RevoZport Created The Most Tastefully Tuned Lamborghini Huracan Ever?

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Sometimes people go too far. This isn't one of those times.

Last time we checked in with RevoZport it was putting some gray on the BMW M4. Before that, well, we hadn't heard much from the tuning house. That just changed in a big way as RevoZport has unveiled its latest project, a tuned and restyled Lamborghini Huracan. The baby in the Lambo lineup has received performance upgrades to both its interi or and exterior. It's now more aerodynamic and is just as powerful as its big brother, the Aventador. So, just what was done?

The Huracan features a carbon-fiber diffuser with active aero; flaps automatically pop-out to increase downforce and glue the supercar to the track. There's also a new carbon fiber splitter up front, and loads of additional carbon fiber extras are available. RevoZport added a new exhaust made out of Inconel (super lightweight) and did an ECU remap to up horsepower. All told the Huracan now has 700 horsepower, same as the Aventador, and weight is reduced by 220 pounds. This Huracan is tastefully tuned but a bit tame compared to some other examples we've seen. Still, we like it just fine but the question now becomes would you rather have this in your garage or a RevoZport-tuned Aventador?

Source Credits: www.revozport.com

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