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Has The Affordable RWD Sports Coupe Become A Money Loser?


Cheap burnouts may not be around much longer.

Back in 2012 fans of the affordable, RWD, sport coupe were beside themselves with joy: Scion and Subaru were launching the then all-new FR-S and BRZ twins, respectively. For just around $25k, you could essentially get the fixed hardtop MX-5 Miata Mazda didn’t build, only with a small rear seat (you know, to keep insurance costs down). Fast forward to today and those two automakers have sadly realized there aren’t as many sports coupe fans as they thought; sales for both cars have failed to reach targets.

While not outright failures, the segment revival Toyota and Subaru were hoping for didn’t happen. But just as those cars were being launched, we saw a few other concepts pop up from the likes of Chevrolet and Nissan, with the Code 130R and IDx, respectively. While Nissan is still supposedly trying to make the business case, Chevy has apparently given up entirely. GM executive VP of product, Mark Reuss, just told Car and Driver that "we looked at that (the concept) and we looked at our competitors who were doing things like that and what the market told us was that it was not a good idea. The volumes of those things were terrible." Too bad. The Code 130R could have become, for example, a revived Chevelle.

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