Has The BMW 3 Series Lost Its Status As The Benchmark Sedan?


The competition has learned a thing or two.

The BMW 3 Series. It's been the benchmark premium performance sedan (and coupe) ever since 1975, the year the original E30 launched. Over the years there've been many competitors, some worthy, others not so much. However, today's crop of 3 Series fighters have proven themselves to be more lethal to BMW than ever, and the German automaker really ought to take note. Point being, a complete 3 and 4 Series redesign is needed. Stat.

We recently spent some time with a 2017 330i and, as suspected, we were impressed. But here's the thing: we've also spent time with the latest Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and we can confidently state that they're fantastic. More fantastic than the 3 Series? Kind of, yeah.

Remember, both the Audi and Benz are literally brand new while the current 3 Series dates back to 2012. Still, it's incredible just how well BMW designed this 3 Series so that's it's still a best-seller more than four years later. How much longer will it keep its benchmark crown? Or has it lost it already? The verdict is still out. Special thanks to Niello BMW-Sacramento for letting us film the car.

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