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Has The Name Of The Next One-Off Rolls-Royce Been Revealed?

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A recent trademark filing has possibly revealed the name of Rolls-Royce's next bespoke creation.

At last year's Villa d'Este Rolls-Royce unveiled the ridiculously opulent Sweptail, a one-off ultra-luxury car built for a very wealthy client as a throwback to the company's coachbuilding heritage. CEO Torsten Müller-Otvös hinted that it could even be the most expensive new car in the world, with reports suggesting it cost a whopping £10 million ($13.2 million). After its reveal, Rolls-Royce said it's considering creating more custom cars in the future, with Müller-Otvös adding the "future for luxury in the long-term is to go even more bespoke."

And now we may now know the name of the automaker's next bespoke creation. According to Auto Guide, parent company BMW filed a trademark for the name "Boat Tail" with the the European Union Intellectual Property Office on May 30. We can't imagine the name "Boat Tail" being applied to a BMW, so it could be the name of the next custom Rolls-Royce. The naming would certainly make sense if the next bespoke Rolls-Royce is going to be a direct successor to the Sweptail. But since the trademark was only registered a few days ago, we probably won't see the final car for a very long time yet if Rolls-Royce decides to name its next custom creation the Boat Tail.

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After all, the one-of-a-kind Sweptail took four years to develop. It sounds like a bizarre name for a car, but it isn't too far fetched considering most Rolls-Royce owners also have boats and yachts. We wouldn't be surprised if an owner commissioned a Rolls-Royce with a rear end inspired by a luxury boat. If the swanky Sweptail is anything to go by, you can guarantee it will have an eye-watering eight-figure asking price.