Has This Hellcat Seller Completely Lost Their Mind?

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This Hellcat is hella overpriced.

Okay, well it's technically a dealership that's trying to pull off this sale, not a private seller. That's almost even more concerning, though, because we just can't seem to understand why they are charging this outrageous price for a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. We understand that the Dodge has had a fairly problematic system for allocating new Hellcats to dealers. After all, when you're selling a 707 horsepower monster for American muscle car money, the demand is going to be ridiculously high.

The supply of new Challenger Hellcats has been considerably low, so by the law of supply and demand, prices for model have exceeded MSRP, but we've never witnessed a case this severe. A dealership in Alberta, Canada is requesting the USD equivalent of $173,675 for this supercharged V8-powered coupe. The automatic transmission-equipped white SRT Hellcat only has 98 miles on the odometer, so it's virtually a new car, but we still think we have a pretty good idea why the car has been on the market for over a month so far.

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