Has VW Officially Lost Its Mind With This New "Retro" Van?

The worst thing since Dieselgate?

Over the past couple of months it would seem as if the only news that we’ve been hearing about Volkswagen is bad news. Continuing with this trend is VW’s recent announcement that it will launch a new T6/Caravelle Generation Six special in UK. The launch itself is not the bad news as the Caravelle might actually be considered quite cool depending upon who you ask. It features the iconic two-tone red and white paint scheme that was featured on the famous VW campers from the 1960s.

It also has plenty of modern bells and whistles throughout including LED headlights and tail lights, privacy glass, an infotainment system with satellite navigation and DAB radio. The bad news about this modern retro VW van is the seemingly outrageous sticker price, oh yeah, and also the engine. Not only does VW’s new van run on the same scandalous 2.0 TDI engine that set off "Dieselgate," but the sticker price for the new T6/Caravelle Generation Six special is an astonishing £52,051 ($80,000) for the base 148 hp version. An upgraded 201 hp version costs £54,547. It’s decisions like these by Volkswagen that leave us scratching our heads asking “what the heck were they thinking?”

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