Hated Justin Bieber Before? Now He's A LaFerrari Owner

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At least he's not singing anymore.

This isn't some rumor; the Biebs just admitted it in a USA Today interview. Yep, the Ferrari 458 and chromed-out Fisker Karma-owning Justin Bieber will soon take delivery of the ultra-exclusive LaFerrari. Not bad for a guy who hasn't released a single song since 2012. What's he done since then? Getting arrested from time to time and mostly acting like a douche with millions of dollars to blow. But perhaps Bieber has turned a corner. After all, that Comedy Central roast was absolutely hilarious.

Still though, the very thought of Justin Bieber about to take delivery of the $1.4 million LaFerrari likely won't sit well with everyone. Oh, and his main daily driver is that 458 and he even told USA Today his "life is not easy." Yep. That's the life of Justin Bieber, soon to be LaFerrari owner.

Source Credits: www.usatoday.com

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