Hauling Ass Uphill Is The Best Way To Outrun The Russian Police

This dinky police van never had a chance.

Ever since the inception of the Internet we’ve been forced to question what is real and what is fake, at least when it comes to stuff posted on it. We really, really hope that this latest video from Russia is real. It is a short and sweet clip of a police chase, with the Russian 5-0 driving a van that some people are comparing to the Mystery Machine. The criminals are in what looks to be an off-roader of unknown origin. Carscoops says both vehicles are UAZs, with the Jeep-ish thing a UAZ-469 and the van a UAZ-452. The UAZ-469 is equipped with four-wheel drive.

Apparently the UAZ-452 is also a 4x4, although you’d never know by watching this video. True, that hill is pretty steep but the cops didn’t even give it a go! Maybe they had a dog in the back begging them to give up and go solve mysteries instead.

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